One Piece 788 Spoiler - Half dead doflamingo

you can get an early one piece 788 spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the scanlation version were out on Thursday. If you have anything to share regarding one piece 788 predictions or theory, please leave every of your message at the comment section. Sabo has managed to get in a few hit on Burgess, but for the most part, Burgess hasn't seemed terribly affected by his attacks. If this battle does continue to receive focus in the following chapters, I wonder if we will get to see what the contents in the bag Burgess has on his back is - are Devil Fruits really located inside it?
one piece manga 788
 Not a fan of this chapter at all. Seriously, doflamingo is not done for?

First of all, if doflamingo is stumbling and literally one attack from falling... why in the hell isn't everyone going for him? Sure, zoro went to deal with the birdcage so he has a half assed excuse to not be slicing doflamingo into slices so thing that they will be impossible to stitch up but WTH is up with everyone else? Sabo should have been fighting doflamingo from the start, its not like law needs more protection considering the state of things so its not like cavendish can't do this, the happo navy guy seems to have gotten a mean kick and yet it is nowhere to be seen... I guess burges could be after the gum gum fruit because it suits him more but in many ways doflamingo's fruit has significant appeal. Even if not for bugues for someone else. I get that luffy is the main character and whatnot but in this case there isn't even a lazy explanation as for why luffy is fighting alone.

Anyways, it seems like the fight against a more half dead doflamingo than before (realistically he was half dead when the fight against luffy started) will be draged on at least a few more chapters. If we are lucky luffy recovers the next chapter and the next one we see zoro cutting down the birdcage and luffy ending doflamingo. Although knowing oda this will drag out at least 4 more chapters.
Well it seemed likely that DD wasn't done for. The apparent death was just to off to be final so I'm not surprised by this. I didn't expect that Burgess would be interested in the Gomu Gomu, even worse, he actually sat back to wait for Luffy to be weakened. Doesn't seem like something he'd normally do. Sabo appearing afterwards was to be expected .

Naruto 700+5 Spoiler - Awakening her Sharingan

naruto manga 700+5
While we are counting the days that will pass for the naruto gaiden 5 to come out, what about reading the previous chapter of naruto 700+5 manga.

You brought Haku's fight against Sasuke saying that Sasuke bested Haku, when Haku nearly killed Sasuke, at first I just pointed out that Naruto bested Haku, by using the brute force of kyuubi to overpower Haku and save his friend. I also brought to attention that whatever Sasuke skill shown on Oro's fight, came after Naruto stopped Oro and brought Sasuke's courage back, so it is not only his victory alone.

In the end you came up with the excuse that if Sasuke was able to whistand the ice mirror technique he kicked Haku's ass while Naruto could just to do something with Kyubbi I countered that Sasuke did much more than land a kick before awakening his Sharingan.

This is how the discussion between to rational people tend to work, they present the fact, evaluate the fact, then state their findings about it. It is a little different of what you did in this discussion, you stated you opinion, I disagreed with it, you brought new not entirely related facts trying to confirm your opinion, I analyzed the facts and found that as far as my rational thoughts goes, the facts presented doesn't validate your opinion, them you brought more facts to validate it, I also countered it.

The crucial difference was that you were trying to validate your opinion, while I was trying to show that the facts not entirely fits what you were saying, either because your premise is wrong by assuming that a more experienced Sasuke's skill shoukd be comparable with a more unexperienced Sarada just because they have the same age, and also, even if I accepted that Sasuke didn't get experience from academy to land of waves arc, some of the things you stated are not entirely backed by the manga.

I just did that, after some posts you started with light ad hominen attacks, saying that there's a lot of hate in my post, them that I was lying. Which I proved that neither I'm a Sasuke hater, nor I lied about anything.