Naruto 689 Raw Scans - Kaguya’s Human Form

Anyway this chapter also felt like it kind of ruined some of the stuff in previous chapters we had before. Read Naruto 689 manga scans. Any moment from now, naruto 689 spoiler and naruto manga 654 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 689 raw and mangastream for the naruto 689 English scans.

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Like with more Obito panels kind of ruins the emotions of last chapter (whether you like him or hate him you have to admit Mr Kishimoto was really trying with the feelings) cause it felt like the perfect way to end his story. I see some Sakura fans really mad she was saved by Kakashi’s new power (will talk about this more later in the females shonen thing). I have mixed feelings on it, on one hand she was saved again by him after she was being badass medic a few chapters ago, on the other I’m glad that she was instead of just standing their letting Kaguya’s new form get her she was attempting to run away from and become easy prey. Although in a sense it is a good symbolical way of Kakashi filling what he wanted to do in keeping the newer generation safe and in a sense filling the failed promise of not protecting Rin.

headcanon in which sakura haruno is freaking identical to kaguya’s human form, and as last resort she uses this girl as her final vessel, because indra and ashura’s reincarnations could never hurt this body. because sasuke and naruto would never hurt haruno sakura while on their right minds, and she knows it.

I always figured there'd be a time skip once Naruto becomes Hokage and he'd be in his 20s. He still has a LOT more growing up to do. And Kakashi was almost Hokage already. I figured he'd be Hokage before Naruto for years now, as long as he survived the war. But I too also wonder if Naruto will end up being more like Jiraya (can't see Naruto doing paper work/politics) or something were the countries Kages all vote for a main leader, to connect all villages as one. Maybe there'll be a few time skips and we'll see Konohamaru become Hokage lol. Kishis foreshadowed that as much as Kakashi becoming Hokage.

Naruto 689 Release Date - Kakashi Uchiha

It's not impossible that Obito was able to reconnect with the living world. Naruto 689 English scans is out. Naruto 689 manga will be available for online reading. For news release and updates, please subscribe our RSS feeds or follow our Twitter. Enjoy the release!
we know that's possible as we have seen several previous examples including the So6p himself along with his mother Kaguya.

naruto manga 689

Kakashi Uchiha? I'm kinda lost right now, but at least Kakashi can do something at the very least. I was against him have both eyes only because I'm worry about his chakra levels, but it would apparel that Obito gave Kakashi both his eyes and his chakra. I know everyone is saying asspull which is true but Kishimoto has to explain in detail how turning Kakashi into a Uchiha is possible. This proves what tobirama said earlier that uchiha men awaken their sharingan if their brain produce some unique chakra that affect and change their eye become sharingan..the eye that reflect the heart.

 It's not about the eyes it's all about chakra. Now obito gives kakashi not the eyes bout the chakra and then i think obito changes kakashi to become uchiha men. That's why kakashi can use perfect susanoo without completely drain. Since Obito was a host to the Jyuubi and did have the Rinnegan if only temporary I think it may have been part of the reason why he was able to connect back to the living world. Secondly my theory on whats actually happening is Kakashi power up is in fact Obito's spiritual energy infused in Kakashi's body. Thus it may only be a temporary power up same as Sasuke's new eye power and Naruto's divine sage mode. After all Obito did say it will expire. - Also lol I thought Susanoo could only be awakened by those who had Amaterasu & Tsukiyomi. If Obito could have used Susanoo it would have been nice to see him do so earlier.

One Piece 757 Spoilers - Robin and Bartolomeo Versus Gladius

Rebecca shouldn't be in the level of an executive the latest one piece 757 spoilers and one piece manga 757 raw will be posted here under one piece manga series. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as one piece chapter 757 is available. it will be a huge turn off because we expect more things from diamante i hope oda wont ruin the balance. Kyros must be the guy who beats diamante he lost 10 years of his life his daughter couldn't remember him his wife died he lost more than rebecca who lost just a mother. I hope oda wont destroy the balance with unfitting stuff

Damn, Sugars back. I hope somebody with strong Haki can resist her, her fruit is way overpowered. Just touching people and the instantly become her slave. So, I wonder how Robin's fight is going to go, against a landmine user. Should be interesting. I doubt Rebecca is going to last long against whats his face, but her father is going to jump in and save her at the last moment. Damn, Sugars back. I hope somebody with strong Haki can resist her, her fruit is way overpowered. Just touching people and the instantly become her slave. So, I wonder how Robin's fight is going to go, against a landmine user. Should be interesting.

I doubt Rebecca is going to last long against whats his face, but her father is going to jump in and save her at the last moment. I definitely don't see Rebecca dealing the final blow. She wasn't even using a real sword in the tournament, she is too soft. In the other hand, Kyros is definitely the type. He didn't hesitate to behead Doflamingo. And knowing Oda, Rebecca will stop his father when he is finishing the job. From the picture, there are at the flowers hill. So we can assume that Robin-Barto-Rebecca group is in the 4th floor in front of the palace's door.

Bleach 593 Chapter - Experiment on a Captain Level Shinigami

Mayuri just found an excuse to experiment on a captain-level shinigami. Bleach 593 spoilers and bleach manga 593 raw will be posted here under bleach manga series. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as bleach chapter 593 is available.

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so he's turned into a Zombie when he was still alive (But is on the verge of dying), that also explained why Bambi somehow looked weaker, oh well, let's just see how this goes It's quite surprising though, it almost looks like he got stronger than when he was still a Human, and he's not even using Bankai Ohhhh, can't wait to see what kind of 'medicine' he'll use on Zombigaya So the debate on whether hitsugaya is dead or not is over. He is still alive. I read some comments describing how "uber" Toshiro is a Giselle's zombie compared to his normal self.

Well, to be fair, both Ikkaku and Yumichika are injured. Nonetheless, being nothing more than an animated being whose strength level is that of a captain makes for a powerful tool. And it seems that Mayuri is talking too much so far. Get your hands dirty already, my shiny avatar. Where did Icefail shine? He attacked people who are hesitant to fight even back casue they consider him being their nakama. Even though Mayuri is talking big I believe he will hesitate too which will make things quite desperate for SS. I mean even though Mayuri doesn't want to admit it he respects the other captains a lot and cares about them in a strange way.

Fairy Tail Manga 396 - The Twin Dragon Slayers

So how come no Fairy Tail 396 chapter this week or delay of chapter? Searching for the latest fairy tail 396 manga scans? Then, you have come at the right place because fairy tail manga 396 will be released here soon. You can get the early fairy tail 396 spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the scanlation version were out on Thursday.

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Juvia is down for the count, but it looks like Lucy is gaining back her strength. The only part of this chapter I am excited about is that we get to see Natsu go into LFD mode, and Gajeel into ISD mode. It's totally amazing that Gajeel got to keep the shadow element like Natsu got to keep the lightning element. Maybe this will make it possible for Laxus to keep Tempesta's Etherion element that he ate at the beginning of this arc. It seemed like this chapter was treated like a comedy filler chapter though, which is kind of discouraging. It seemed very short. But. could the demon calling Natsu a demon be a hint that Natsu may have a connection to END?

Will Mard Geer knock out the twin dragon slayers? When will we see some of the other members of Fairy Tail? Or the other guilds for that matter? I don't think Juvia will die though it's true that she has suffered a substantial damage when she killed Keith. The ending is more of an entertainment or simply put, "just for laughs". But then if we look at the series even in the past, it has been full of funny dialogues and strange behaviours from the characters. It may seem to have some elements of "fanservice" dwelling in it. Though it may be so, the series is still as entertaining as it is and the story is still moving on. I don't really mind the "laughter" part as it brings a lot of laughter whenever I'm reading the series.