Start reading Naruto 674, one piece 745 and bleach 578 manga chapter. Ashura’s symbol is a full moon. Not a sun. Naruto was born on the night of the full moon. It’s a moon on Naruto’s palm.
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Naruto 674
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Naruto 674 is Out! - Kaguya's Voice

I wonder how fast Naruto's powers will heal Guy, That looks incredibly painful.The latest Naruto 674 manga is out! I’m sure you are searching for naruto 674. But as we knew, naruto manga 674 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 674 spoiler, naruto 674 raw, naruto 674 scans, naruto 674 English chapter and Summaries.

The tree gets chopped down, then speaks to Madara, and then gets absorbed, all in a couple of pages! I think it's probably Kaguya's voice. perhaps her soul was bound to the tree as punishment for eating the fruit? Who knows, maybe she was the one who, from within the tree, sent out the Ten Tails to recover its power. She wanted to be "One" with everything, as the new God Tree, and the Rikudou brothers defeated her and sealed the Ten Tails' power where she couldn't reach it.

naruto chapter 674

Still can't get over how Naruto's lava-style Rasenshuriken cut the damn tree in half. I saw the Rasenshuriken in the early spoilers, but I didn't expect anything so extreme from it. I figured it'd just be a little more destructive than wind, with burning instead of cutting. My guess is Naruto's newfound strength was more to blame than the magma itself. There appears to be some link between Naruto and Sasuke. I believe the Rikudou used Ninshuu to bind them in some way. He didn't just strengthen their Ashura/Indra chakra, but he bound them together more tightly. I liked Gaara this chapter: Naruto rolls up with just crazy power and Gaara immediately starts sucking up saying we will be Allies. I laughed at that, it was like a kid on the playground getting bullied and someone stronger arrives so they immediately suck up the them for protection. Sasuke only having the 1 rinnegan is a little weird and you have to wonder about what powers Sasuke will possess. It seems most of the fighting techniques demonstrated previously by Obito/Madara are ones Naruto can now use.

Naruto has So6P senjutsu and Sasuke awakened the rinnegan and it's not just the ol' garden variety rinnegan it's a rinnegan with tomoe. It was interesting how the juubi/shinju seems to have consciousness after all and wants to use Madara to combine all chakra into one like it originally used to be. It looks like the Naruto Sasuke combo won't be a push over for Madara anymore. I can't wait to see what their combined bijuu susano'o will look like now that they've each got a So6P power up. I've got high hopes that it will look like the deity entity that surrounded them when So6P put the sun and moon on their hands.

Naruto 674 Manga - Kaguya and Madara

Hello naruto manga fans! want to read naruto 674 spoilers and naruto manga 674 scans English version? If you are following the episodes of naruto 674 manga. You can read naruto 674 and all other versions of naruto chapter 674 here. It's because the god tree doesn't really have a mind on its own. It's more likely it is being controlled by kaguya . That's why we have the image of kaguya in the background. Madara seems to have realised that it was kaguya.

naruto 674

I think this eye is reserved for Madara. Kaguya was said to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi thanks to it ( according to the viz translation ). I think is the original sharingan eye, and Madara probably wants to eat the fruit so as to gain that very eye and cast Mugen/Infinite Tsukuyomi. Since Kaguya was even more powerful than Hagoromo, I doubt that Madara would get it. If he does, I don't think Naruto and Sasuke would be able to handle it because that's basically the pedestal of power in Narutoverse.

I still can't accept it that Kaguya is stronger than the one who was the first to fully understand the concept of chakra and became the Jinchuuriki of the whole thing ( Shinjuu ). But did Hagoromo really meant it?, he said "she was strong" not "she was stronger than me" and then he said "she was stronger than anyone else" I think he meant at that time (after all, no one could use chakra except her, so without a doubt she was the strongest ), and then he continued his story further stating his and his brother's birth and all etc, he was just starting the story afterall. But I could be wrong though.

 I'm hoping that they show sasuke's eyes at the end of this chapter since we didn't get to see them last chapter. Only reason I can think of to why kishi purposefully avoided showing sasuke's eyes last chapter has to be because sasuke has some type of upgrade to his doujutsu. Since Obito might be dying soon do you think he will transfer the remaining of his power to kakashi?? Not only could Obito give Kakashi his Sharingan, but also the Six paths abilities he stole as well. I think it would be cool seeing kakashi get a power up as well

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