Naruto 693 Release Date - Naruto Manga 693 is out!

New Kage that adhere to Sasuke's vision of what a Kage Naruto 693 English scans is out and available now in this site. Read naruto chapter 693 online. just click the naruto manga 693 scans below. should be is the reason he's attempting to kill the old set-in-their-ways Kage. And yes, he possibly would kill anyone in his way, provided they didn't step aside.

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But honestly, after all that they've just been through: Madara wanting peace by casting everyone in a genjutsu and Kaguya wanting to drain the entire shinobi world of chakra, so she can run it like a nursery; Sasuke now wants peace by eliminating the 5 kages and the bijuus. It is somewhat a good idea, because having the beast around could lead another conflict, but a big no-no to killing the kages.

These shinobi with the most powerful eyes, should've been able to see the most clearly; but they don't.

Itachi was the best Uchiha imo... stupid-ass Sasugay's gonna make the Uchiha clan become extinct. So Kaguya's plan was to recombine all chakra. Chakra is the thing that links life and death, apparently. Kakashi got to talk to Sakumo, Naruto got to meet sealed chakra ghosts of his parents, ET can recall spirits from the Pure World, Obito got to walk in and out of the afterlife like it was a mall... I'm really disappointed if Kaguya's plan wasn't to invade the Pure World and take the chakra back from there as well.

What if Ashura was so intent on chakra being shared by all that he gave people the ability to keep it after death, forever safeguarding their memories/existence/etc.? I think that his intention of peace is good,but the manner he want to achieve it is very shameful. to kill the current hokages ,which have nothing to do with what happen to his clan. but to control the bijuus is quite normal cos the bijuus(under dark hands) are a possible way to create war again,sometimes dictatorship is ok,if the dictator is a good person toward his people(like a father to his family),however I cannot say sasuke is a good person.cos he tried to kill sakura with no excuse at all.