Naruto 697 - Selfishness and Greed

facts are facts. Sasuke is being selfish, and Naruto 697 no amount of wordsmithing or linguistic gerrymandering changes the reality that he is the most selfish person in the entire manga ... bar none. And that includes cretins like Obito and Madara so he's doing Selfishness proud by outstripping previous divas in Selfishness.

naruto 697

Sasuke at this point isnt stronger than Naruto. The fact that Naruto can counter each of Sasuke's moves is proof of that. According to translation even Sasuke asks why he's not using full power.

Not fighting at full power because you're tryjng to bring back someone is different than being weaker.

Though I agree that Naruto should break Sasuke's arms and legs So there'll be four more chapters of what? Tying up loose plot threads? I seriously doubt Kishi's going to choose that over MOAR fighting. While I understand that that might have been the best way to get across Naruto's situation with Jiraiya, it seemed a little off and rushed to me. I get it, the best way to convey one's feelings is for them to clash, or bump fists. I understand that was the point, but calling back to that in that manner seemed rather rushed in my opinion. But four chapters left so, what you gonna do? Oh well. Not to disappoint you, but everything is going to feel rushed now. We have 5 chapters left (or 4?) and we have the remainder of the fight, the aftermath (possibly talk no jutsu) of the fight, the breaking of the IT, the assignement of the new hokage and the epilogue ahead of us. All in roughly 80 to 100 pages.
I used to always joke that I couldn't wait for this series to end so I wouldn't feel compelled to read/engage in pointless character debates. Yet this moment feels a little bittersweet.

I just hope Kishi wraps this up with a nice bow on top because, as of right now, I'm still doubting it can be accomplished.