Obito and Madara

As Madara arrived on the battlefield, Naruto, Kakashi, Guy and B were all shocked to see the legendary shinobi before them, leading them to wonder what had happened to the Kage. As Madara and Obito casually carried on their conversation, Madara noted that the Naruto in front of them was also a clone. Madara tells the jinchūriki that the Kage were probably not doing well much to the latter's enragement. Elsewhere, Tsunade, who had been split into two, managed to summon Katsuyu. Katsuyu was distressed at Tsunade's condition and immediately wanted to piece her back together.

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However Tsunade told the giant slug to bring the other Kage to her as there might still be time to save them. Back on the battlefield, Obito returned Madara's gunbai to him in time for the famed Uchiha to block a volley of chakra receivers which Naruto had sent flying at the two of them. After hearing the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, Madara asked Obito why he started the plan half-way through without the Eight and the Nine-Tails being captured and deemed his actions as hasty.

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He also accredited the manner in which he was brought back to the world of the living as being due to Obito's haste and questioned him about what had happened to Nagato and the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique that was supposed to bring him back. Upon hearing that they wanted to use his fellow disciple in this manner, an enraged Naruto moved to attack them with a Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball. Madara, however, blocked the attack and sent the force back at the clone, expelling it.

Concluding the the fact that the young Uchiha must have a plan, Madara moved to capture the Eight and the Nine-Tails, leaving Obito to deal with Guy and Kakashi. Kakashi used this opportunity to question his old friend about what had happened to him and Obito had a flashback of being heavily bandaged and stitched together in a place that an old and wizened Madara referred to as being between the land of living and the dead.

Obito The Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of Weekly Shōnen Jump a special full-colour edition of this chapter was published as an exclusive for the premium digital issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump No. 33 and the official English release of the chapter.
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The shinobi watch on in confusion as the Ten-Tails vanishes from the battlefield. As the shinobi sought answers, Hiashi watched on with his Byakugan, and Sakura asked Hinata, what she had seen. It is revealed that Obito, had in fact initiated a sealing technique, which allowed him to absorb the Ten-Tails into himself, making him the beast's new jinchūriki. Emerging in his new form, Naruto goes on to confirm that Obito was able to resist Madara's control and had instead been using a different technique than the one to revive him.
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Meanwhile, Killer B confirms with Gyūki that the Ten-Tails had not reached its final form but had instead been sealed within Obito. Hashirama then attempts to restrain Obito, but Obito's new power proves too much for the technique which had been restraining the beast itself prior. In response, Obito generates four chakra arms, and then proceeds to rip apart the barrier erected by the four Hokage. Upon seeing this, Hashirama warns the other shinobi of Obito's power while Minato pleads for Obito to stop which is responded to by Obito sounding out his own name with some confusion.

As the three other Hokage relocate to where Obito is, Hashirama openly declares that Obito is stronger than he, which both Hiruzen and Tobirama affirm. As Madara prepares his own "trump card" hoping that Obito did not notice him before then. While the Hokage discussed the situation, Obito takes the First and Second by surprise, ripping through their bodies.

Naruto 641 - Naruto 641 Release Date

Orochimaru will show up naruto 641 - Naruto 641 Release Date, recognizing that it is Obito who became the Sage of the six Paths. Ofc knowing what happened to Obito and knowing why he is doing all this, he simply uses Edo Tensei to revive Rin so she can cry a river to Obito to stop this crap and make a 180° turn, since he was and will always be in her friendzone. He shouldn't have done all of this for her, women talk.

Obito will ofc. believe her then because he loves her so much, which is the most creepy fact about him, and he will turn his hatred into the old Obito, beating up Madara and save the world, proving that he could have become Hokage. Most likely a double KO, because there is no sense for Obito staying in the story after the war.
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Both possible, but I rather hope for the first theory because why the hell should Oro have an Edo Tensei about Rin, who was only crying and useless in the entire Naruto history. If you come to think of it, everything in the story is based on her fault nearly: Kakashi losing an eye, Obito "dieing" and meeting Madara, making Kakashi search for her again because her only hobby in her life is getting kidnapped, commit suicide by Kakashi's attack because she tried to be useful once, Obito seeing that and turning super emo, Obito making a deal with Madara for his plan, Obito starting war, Obito etc. Gosh she sucks.

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One Piece Manga 716 - Read One Piece 716 Spoilers

You seem to undermine One Piece Manga 716 - Read One Piece 716 Spoilers a lot of characters and give a lot of hype to Luffy. Ironically you hyped Luffy training with someone from the old generation to put down someone from the old generation. The fact of the matter is Chinjao took a Jet Pistol to the back of the head and took no damage. Luffy will have to use Haki in ALL of his hits in order to do damage to him. I'm not saying Chinjao is stronger, but Luffy damn sure isn't going to breeze past him.

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And Luffy beat the crap out of 2 Shichibukai? He was nearly killed by Crocodile twice and only won the last time because Crocodile couldn't use his DF ability. And he needed 100 shadows to match Oz & Moria. He didn't stand a chance against them otherwise. He was completely exhausted and was also unconscious after fighting Moria & Oz. Also, tell me where it said Luffy fought Rayleigh every day. You're acting like he surpassed Rayleigh. Rayleigh simply wanted to teach him the basics of Haki, Luffy ended up learning that and some more.

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Bleach 547 - Vanderreich Royal Palace

I'm still not sure what Bleach 547 - Bleach Manga 547 Chapter exactly happened. Did Seireitei trade places with the quincy palace? That would mean most of the shinigami are now in the quincy dimension and the vanderreich can attack the royal palace directly without more fights.
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I think a 1000 years ago it was Soul king vs Quincy King (Juha Bach) Soul king maybe sealed Juha Bach, and I think it took it's toll on him as well which is why he is in his little cocoon state that really resembles Aizen's cocoon state when he was fused with hyougoku before turning into that butterfly form. The Big question is: When the quincy king was recovering... what have the quincy been doing for the last 1000 years in his absence? The quincy we are seeing now seem like they have been around since a 1000 years ago but hid or were trapped in their realm.
But kubo starting the whole end of the world in 9 days and making SS vanish really rushes everything to a point where it cheapens all the hard work that the shinigami are supposed to be doing now to get stronger. Captains who are training in SS probably just lost their chance to get stronger which is stupid. And if they already have their massive upgrade now itll be even worse. So I think the song just removed a few points from bleach.
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