Naruto Manga 699 - The New Hokage

Naruto's Bijuudama FRS assault worked against naruto 699 and naruto 700 Kaguya not because it was strong enough to injure her, but because the bijuu chakra within them mixed with her own, and the Bijuu started ripping her apart from the inside. It's the same reason Naruto was able to negate her chakra absorption: because his bijuu chakra clashed with her own. naruto 699 - naruto manga 699 Sasuke isn't a juubi jinchuuriki, so the same can't happen. As for "events that happened in the manga", one of those was Sasuke proving he could absorb Naruto's bijuu chakra, despite what you keep saying about him not being able to. So you just fucked up your whole argument unintentionally. Meaning I don't have to waste my time with the rest of it. But I will for the sake of fun. It's important you know why Madara allowed himself to be injured by that Jinton. He wanted to reveal Hashirama's face on his chest. Hell, Oonoki even brags about injuring him and Madara explains why he allowed the attack to connect. Not because he can't. Because he chose not to.